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Need new sheets??

Hi everybody….

You all know my quest for clean living.  Well I have come upon a site that sells Bamboo bedding.  Amazing huh?  It is Sleep Bamboo dot com…here is the link  

They have soft bedding which actually adjusts to your body temperature, making for a better nights sleep.  Their products range from bed sheets to towels.  Perfect for that special someone or yourself.  As it just so happens, they are running a contest today on facebook.  Like them  The are also know for running contests all the time so keep your eyes out…I know I am.

New Contest at Ella’s

Hello all…you may not know this but I have only fed all of my 4 boys organic baby food.  One of my favorites it Ella’s Kitchen.  Today they are having a contest on twitter for a special pack of Ella’s as well as for a $100 PediPed Footwear Gift Card…Enter today.  I will even make it easy for you, here is the link:



Hello..this is my first entry in what might be a complete success or a total failure..but the road less traveled can sometimes be the most fulfilling.  I intend on the blog being educational as well as informative.  Hopefully you will feel the same.  My motto in life is to learn something new everyday…so here we go…..

I learned a new word today… means

1. To cause to move in a smooth wavelike motion.
2. To give a wavelike appearance or form to.
I really like this new word and have already been using it today….sounds cool doesn’t it!

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!