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Lenovo Tech World 2017….my favs!

As you might have seen last month in my twitter feed (@YesMomCanDoIt)  Lenovo Tech World took place.  A lot of new products were introduced to the market as well as into our imaginations.

I was drooling over the possibilities of the smart vest.  smartvest_w_16-9To quote Lenovo ” The
Lenovo SmartVest is a 12-lead medical-grade smart clothing used for
long-term ECG monitoring. Using 10 textile sensors built into this smart
wearable, the garment can record ECG signals in real time and monitor
cardiac activity.”  This would allow us to take charge of our health and be a partner with our doctor.  Imagine tracking your heart rate during sleep or exercise to find your optimal workout, or help you when you are having a heart attack.  When this comes out I will be in line buying it.

But now available for sale are so many other great products that I think you and I will both enjoy.

Next off is the Yoga Book that is currently available, but now it comes in Ruby Red and Pearl White. YogaBookRubyRedYogaBookPearlWhite In case you haven’t seen it, it is a completely flat device that features back lit keys when you need it and when you don’t they disappear.  It is also a drawing tablet that you can take notes on as well with a stylus that has real ink.  A perfect device for students, hint for Back to School.  The new colors allow you to make it more personal, make it your own!

Finally but not last is the Lenovo Phab2.  untitledphabThis magical phone can interact with the environment it’s in making it into a 3D world that you can change.  This phone maps your environment then allows you to change and play with it.  Some sweet new apps were introduced into this platform making this phone not only practical but fun.  Some of the new apps include a BMWi app which allows you to look at and get inside a BMW.  You can also customize it and explore it’s features.  Or my sons favorite the Holo app.  It allows you to use your camera and place holograms in your environment and interact with them.  You can then record it and share it.

Lenovo Tech World allowed me to not only see what is here but what will be here in the future, we enjoyed every minute of it.  If you have any questions or want to know more about these products or the other products that were introduced, leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

Lenovo provided me with a copy of all the press materials from Lenovo Tech World 2017 for the purpose of sharing it with my followers as well as a possible blog post.  However all of the above statements reflect my personal opinion.


Need new sheets??

Hi everybody….

You all know my quest for clean living.  Well I have come upon a site that sells Bamboo bedding.  Amazing huh?  It is Sleep Bamboo dot com…here is the link  

They have soft bedding which actually adjusts to your body temperature, making for a better nights sleep.  Their products range from bed sheets to towels.  Perfect for that special someone or yourself.  As it just so happens, they are running a contest today on facebook.  Like them  The are also know for running contests all the time so keep your eyes out…I know I am.

New Contest at Ella’s

Hello all…you may not know this but I have only fed all of my 4 boys organic baby food.  One of my favorites it Ella’s Kitchen.  Today they are having a contest on twitter for a special pack of Ella’s as well as for a $100 PediPed Footwear Gift Card…Enter today.  I will even make it easy for you, here is the link:



Hello..this is my first entry in what might be a complete success or a total failure..but the road less traveled can sometimes be the most fulfilling.  I intend on the blog being educational as well as informative.  Hopefully you will feel the same.  My motto in life is to learn something new everyday…so here we go…..

I learned a new word today… means

1. To cause to move in a smooth wavelike motion.
2. To give a wavelike appearance or form to.
I really like this new word and have already been using it today….sounds cool doesn’t it!

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!